Articling Program

Articling Committee:

Denny L. Pickup

Jason Cooke

Leon S. Tovey

Meaghan A. Strum

Tiffany Cheverie

Burchells LLP is looking for Just Right candidates to fill a position for the 2020-21 articling year.

Applications must be in by January 11, 2019. Your package should include:

  • a cover letter,
  • curriculum vitae,
  • current unofficial law school and undergraduate transcripts and references.

We are happy to accept electronic or paper documents, directed to the firm care of the "Articling Committee," or by email. Interviews will be scheduled the following week.

Burchells LLP has more than two dozen lawyers; over 50 people comprise the Burchells team. This makes us a relatively large Halifax law firm.  We see ourselves Just Right for our city, our lawyers and clients. We occupy two floors of the 1801 Hollis & Duke tower in Halifax's downtown core.

Burchells fosters a collegial, fast-paced, team-oriented environment.

Outside the office our lawyers get involved in the city and the profession, offering time on charities, in the arts and with the activities of the CBA and Bar Society. Burchells is, and works to continue being, part of the fabric of our community.

We typically hire two articled clerks per year. Hiring takes place midway through a student's second year of law school, however we encourage those selected as future clerks to join us for part of the summer before starting third year.  Summer student positions are available only to those selected to article with us following graduation.

Articled clerks get exposure to all firm practice areas.  We maintain a flexible program, tailoring the experience to the interests of both clerks and lawyers and avoiding the missed opportunities sometimes inherent in a rigid rotation model. Clerks are paired with a mentoring lawyer to ensure the articling year offers access to all aspects of the practice of law.

Mentors are also advocates for our clerks, ensuring they get rewarding work and assisting with workload management.

We augment our articled clerks' training with in-house seminars designed to highlight specific legal issues or developing trends. We strive to expose not only our articled clerks but all of our lawyers to ongoing professional development and sharing of expertise within the office.

With experience comes greater autonomy. As the articling year develops we encourage our lawyers to find opportunities for clerks to work directly with clients.

Burchells LLP respects the significant burden faced by articled clerks preparing for and sitting the bar exam.  We facilitate time away from the office in advance of the exam and do what we can to ease the stress accompanying this aspect of bar admission. Above all, we recognize our articled clerks' success as our success.

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