Burchells adds three excellent new lawyers

Burchells LLP is proud and excited to welcome all three of our 2019-2020 former articled clerks to membership in the Nova Scotia Bar.

Associate lawyers Danielle Keating, Jacob Glover, and Vanja Mitrovic formally joined the legal profession in a June 5, 2020 virtual ceremony. 

In earlier times "the bar" literally referred to the courtroom's wooden barrier separating the public area from the space near the judges, reserved for those having business with the court. Those called to the bar, unsurprisingly called 'barristers,' were permitted to sit or stand immediately behind the bar to make their presentations to the judge.  These days the call to the bar is a ceremonial motion, made by the Nova Scotia Barristers Society, upon being satisfied an applicant has met various requirements, asking a judge to issue an order confirming the applicant's right to make submissions in court on behalf of others.  The order issues, and a rite of passage is complete.

The Barristers' Society did a wonderful job with difficult circumstances, creating a meaningful virtual experience for the new lawyers and those attending the ceremony. 

Congratulations to Danielle, Jacob and Vanja.  We feel fortunate to have you as Burchells lawyers!