May 2010

Every step matters to associate Jonathan Saumier who participated in the 2010 MS Walk on Sunday, May 30. Organized by the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, the Walk is a major fundraiser held in 160 cities and towns across Canada. The Burchells team was proud to sponsor its newest associate, Jonathan and his girlfriend Emily Durant, who lives with MS.

Congratulations Jonathan and Emily!

Litigation partner Brian Awad was quoted in the most recent issue of Canadian Lawyer magazine, commenting on the Nova Scotia Supreme Court's recent decision in Peach v. Nova Scotia (Tranportation and Infrastructure Renewal).  Brian represented the appellant in a freedom on information request resisted by the government on the basis of privilege.  In a landmark decision on access to information, privilege and waiver, he successfully argued that by releasing a summary of a privileged opinion the department effectively waived privilege over it.