Support Staff

Andrea Bond

Assistant to
Brennan W. MacDonald, Jonathan Saumier
and Collections Assistant

Andriena Whynot

Legal Assistant Float

Brittany Durnford

Assistant to
Jason Cooke, Roy T. Stewart

Cassandra Bannister

Assistant to
David G. Lewis, Derek A. Simon

Cathy MacDonald

Afternoon Receptionist

Charlene F. Harrison

Office Manager

Cindy Gidney

Accounting Clerk

Colleen MacDonald

Paralegal - Creditor Rights and Recovery Group


Assistant to
Kelly L. Greenwood, TEP

GianMarco Del Rosario Vargas

Assistant to
Garnet E. Brooks, Jason May

Glenda MacDonald

Assistant to
D. Bruce Clarke, QC, Naiomi W. Metallic, Jacob Glover

Ian P. Poole

IT Coordinator

Jeffrey Stoneham-Wilson

Legal Assistant Float

Jenny Johnson

Accounting Supervisor

Joseph Chupick

Assistant to
Meaghan A. Strum, Denny L. Pickup, Ashley Hamp-Gonsalves

Meghan Rice

Assistant to
Wayne Howatt

Mika MacLellan

Assistant to
Alan G. Hayman, QC, David A. Cameron, Kenzie MacKinnon, QC

Morgan MacDonald

Assistant to
I. Andrew Rankin
and Foreclosure Assistant

Patricia Brennan

Property Paralegal

Shelly Turnbull

Foreclosure Assistant

Shona Whyte

Morning Receptionist

Tim Maher

Property Paralegal

Val Savary

Assistant to
Tiffany Cheverie, David G. Hutt, David Lasaga

Virginia Maidment

Assistant to
Cory J. Withrow, Victor J. Ryan, Vanja Mitrovic

Wesley Rolls

Transactions Paralegal

Yvonne Crouse

Assistant to
Cheryl A. Canning, QC, Kevin Quigley, Danielle Keating